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About Bloom Clear

The Quest for the best of Deeper WisdoM

The Quest for the Best of Deeper Wisdom

Many people are dissatisfied with their lives and searching for meaning. We locate the best spiritual thinkers and interview them on our podcast so people can find wisdom, peace and fulfillment.

look beyond the surface, go deep into spiritual teachings, wonder and magic

Up for a Cozy Chat with Like-Minded People?

You know when you have a deep conversation with a like-minded person, late into the night by the fire and never want it to end because you could talk forever?  That’s how we think of our podcast conversations.

Do you enjoy looking beyond the surface, going deep into spiritual teachings, wonder and magic?

Do you want to spend quality time listening and learning to uplifting and enlightening wisdom of though leaders?

If you want a life filled with wisdom and spiritual depth, then you belong in the world of Bloom Clear.

Do you value independent thinking, spirituality, and soul alignment?

Do you believe you can transform your life through spiritual teaching?

Do you believe in the never-ending quest for self-improvement?

At Bloom Clear, we follow spiritual curiosity to lead us to thought leaders to help on our path to transformation and become better humans and have better lives.

So glad you’re here. Welcome.


I’ve always been on a search for meaning and purpose and deeper spiritual wisdom. This search is a compulsion and an innate part of who I am. 

I am also a researching nerd. I’ve turned the research skills I learned in law school toward finding the meaning of life and why I’m here. I decided to share my quest and answers in this podcast.

Welcome to Bloom Clear and feel free to contact me with people you’d love to hear interviewed on their spiritual wisdom.